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5 Things You Need To Know About Fire Suppression & Your Roof

House fires can be a big problem in dry areas such as the Fort Worth-Dallas Area in Texas, where a single spark can cause a large fire. However, the more problematic fires are those caused by natural causes, such as lightning strikes and dry grass. Unlike negligence-caused fires which are avoidable, you can prevent these fires by building all parts of your home, especially your roof, with the right materials.

We, your reputable roofing company in Dallas-Fort Worth, have you covered with these 5 tips on how to help keep your house, especially your roof, safe from fire.

1. Take Note of the Conditions in the Area:

Northern Texas has experienced hot and dry summers, which increase the risk of fires, according to a news report by CBS DFW. This news report stated that anything can cause fires in dry weather, such as dry grass and used cigarettes. Other than avoiding outdoor barbeques and removing dry grass, you can protect your home by removing dry branches from your roof. These materials can serve as fuel in case lightning strikes in your area, so it would not hurt to make sure these branches do not touch your roof.

2. Have your wooden shingles treated:

Wooden shingles on the roof are very pleasing to the eye and can last up to 50 years. However, by itself, wood is a highly flammable material. Due to this, it is very important to treat the wooden shingles on your roof with fire retardants. Also, adding gypsum to the wood can prevent fires because gypsum does not readily burn. Our wooden shingles have been given these treatments and so, you can be assured that your beautiful wooden roofs will not burst into flame.

3. Make sure your asphalt shingles meet Fire Protection requirements:

However, if you decide to use asphalt shingles as roofing material due to their lower cost, ensure that they meet the requirements for Class A Fire Protection. According to the Inspectapedia experts, Class A Shingles do not burn easily, do not allow fire to spread and can resist heavy fire, unlike Classes B & C which cannot. Adding Class A Fire protection to your asphalt shingles will help contain any outside fire to your roof, and not allow these to spread inside your house.

4. Have a good solar screen on your roof:

Warm and dry summers can create conditions on your roof that are not only conducive to fires, but can drive up your electricity costs, due to the increased need for air-conditioning. A good solar screen not only helps to ventilate your home and helps to save on your bill, but it can keep your roof cool.

A cool and well-ventilated roof can help prevent fire since a warm roof creates a situation where a small spark can cause a blaze. Our solar screens do not only keep your roof cool and help preserve your furniture, but they are fire retardant. If you protect your roof with a solar screen, you can also save your wooden roof from the risk of fire.

5. Invest on good insulation and sprinkling:

Yet, even with the most fire-resistant material on top of the roof, fires may still happen. This is because fire resistant materials are not totally fireproof. They may be able to resist fire, but even they have a limit.

Due to this limitation, it is wise to insulate the underside of your roof as well with fireproof materials such as gypsum. These materials are not flammable, so even if the top of your roof may burn, you can be assured that the rest of your house is safe.

Also, it would be safe to invest in a good sprinkler system since these are very helpful. This is because they not only cool your roof during a warm Texas day, but they also put out any fires that survive on your roof.

In fact, according to a 1990 article in the LA Times by Gary Abrams, fire officials admitted that sprinklers are very useful during fires. However, sprinklers can be dangerous in an electrical fire, so it is still wise to invest in fireproofing the roof, especially with electrical wiring in the ceiling.


Fires are not only dangerous to the home, but to the entire community as well. To prevent this, follow these tips and contact us, James & Kate Roofing and Construction, so we can help you prevent roof fires with our construction and roofing options.


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