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Gorgeous Garage Conversion

Need some extra space? Consider these options for a gorgeous garage conversion

If you find yourself running a little tight on space in your home, converting your garage can be an affordable and convenient solution. Remember that, when converting a garage, you need to consider how the space relates to rest of the house. If the garage backs onto a living room, then a home office or playroom is perfect. If it backs onto a bedroom, consider something more suitable.

Here are a few different ideas of what to use your new space for:

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Kitchen or Diner

As long as the garage and kitchen share a wall, this is amongst the most popular options. With very little expense you can gain a brighter and much larger kitchen. Just be careful when planning to make allowances for plumbing, gas and power lines.

Kids Playroom

A converted garage can give you somewhere to put the kids playroom, with a TV, comfortable seating and bright colours. This will keep the mess and clutter of a kids room away from the rest of the house. Just be sure to soundproof the room properly playrooms can be the noisiest room in the house.

Extra Bedroom

Having an extra room for guests (or a new member of the family) is always an exciting option. If you want to create this type of room, it may be best to place a wall or sofa bed (for added space). Its also always recommended to make sure the garage backs onto a hallway or living space. Accessing an extra bedroom through the master bathroom can just be awkward.

Home office

If you need somewhere to work or you just need a personal study, a converted garage can be a perfect and affordable solution. Because the old garage door needs to be replaced, it is a simple matter to put enough windows so as to get plenty of natural light. If the garage shares a wall with your familys living space, this is even more convenient. You can easily access the home office while maintain a logical flow in the house.

Granny Flat

An unattached double garage can be beautifully converted into a granny flat. The fact that it is separate from the house gives guests some privacy, and it should be a simple matter to plumb for a bathroom. Once again, when replacing the garage doors consider the best window and entrance layout to maximise natural light.

Once you have decided what you want to utilise the space for, consult with us at SX Building Services. We will be able to plan with you and ensure that all safety regulations and permits (if necessary) are in place. With 20 years of experience, we can guarantee you will have a beautiful garage conversion completed in the most professional and affordable manner.

A Guide To Buying Wooden Entrance Gates And Wooden Driveway Gates

Gates and fences are seen all over the world. They are used both for security and for decorative purposes. Gates keep unwelcome people and animals out of particular areas, such as driveways, gardens, and lawns. Most parents put up gates in their homes so their children and pets wont run out into the street as well as gates by the poolside to keep them from falling and injuring themselves.

Gates are very functional but they can also be very ornamental. You will find that a wooden gate can provide a rustic accent to any home. While such a gate is not quite as effective a security measure, it is a very beautiful adornment especially when used as a field or entrance gate.

Why Use a Wooden Gate?

Not only are wooden gates very aesthetic, wood is also an outstanding material for this purpose. It is sturdy and can withstand different weather conditions and fluctuations in temperature. A most useful resource, wood can last for hundreds of years which is why wood is one of the most practical materials when building fences and gates.

With its amazing toughness, wood is wonderful to use because it is very flexible and moldable. Craftsmen can make something as small as a butter knife to something as large as a mansion from wood. Wood can also be built open- or fully-boarded. So whether you are looking for wooden driveway gates or decorative entrance gates, wood will never fail to amaze you.

Important Factors When Choosing Your Wooden Gate

When you are considering buying wooden gates, whether for your entrance or driveway, you should take into account exposure to rain, heat, snow, and other weather or climate conditions relevant to where you live. You should also consider overall sturdiness and opening/closing systems. While we know that wood lasts a long time, wooden driveway gates and entrance gates should be crafted in such a way that they are able to hold out after more than a few thousand openings and closings.

Entrance gates are not only placed for security and privacy purposes; they can also add an extra dimension and depth to a houses overall look. If you are considering purchasing a wooden entrance gate, you should consider the following:

- Make sure that your wooden gate is high enough to ensure privacy and security if you dont want people looking in or trespassers climbing over it - Wooden entrance gates can be locked mechanically or electronically - Use a fully-boarded wooden entrance gate to guarantee that passersby cant see in - Make sure that the style of your wooden entrance gate matches the look of your house

Wooden driveway gates protect your vehicles that are in your driveway as well as your possessions stored in your home and garage. If you are thinking about installing a wooden driveway gate, here are a few tips:

- Choose a gate that you can easily open and close. It can be a single gate that slides in one direction or a double one that opens both ways. Whatever solution you choose, the idea is that you dont have to wait too long in your car for the gate to open. - It is best to get a wooden driveway gate that comes with an automated system for opening and closing. This saves you the time and effort of getting out of your car to access it. Some solutions come with motion sensors or code- and button-operated remote controls.

Get the Best Provider

If you are sold on the idea of installing a wooden entrance or driveway gate, make sure that you get the best provider in the marketone that offers the best quality materials and workmanship at the most affordable price.

Heater Maintenance

In the winter your heater works very hard for your family and business. Peak season is what we professionals call the winter season. There are a few things that can be done in order to keep your heater operating properly so that it can perform without interruptions in the winter season.

Heating systems are normally trouble free and easy to maintain. Efficient operation is a function of a good regular maintenance. No matter what type of heater you have, there are a number of ways you can keep your heating system in the best condition. When a heating system isnt working properly it is usually because of the heating source, the power may be lost, the thermostat may need batteries or your filter may not be good.

The first thing that you want to do is to check your air filter. An n air filter is located in the blower door or between the blower and the return air duct now, it may need a little prying to get inside but once you are inside you will be able to easily get to the air filter. If your air filter is full of dirt and debris, now is the time to change it. An air filter that isnt changed but needs to be changed can cause your heater to not function as well as it should, and it reduces the air quality. Be sure that you insert the air filter correctly and that you change it frequently.

The second step is to clean the blower assembly. While the heaters filter captures most of the debris, some still get through to the blowers assembly and vents. You can easily clean the blowers assembly by removing the panel that covers the filter or by sliding out the fans unit.

The third step is to lubricate the bearings. If your heater is an older model, the bearings will need to be oiled on a regular basis. You can use some household oil to properly lubricate the bearings. Using too much oil can be a potential hazard.

If at any time you smell gas while working with your heater, shut your gas off immediately and call your local gas company to come out and check for gas leaks.

To finish this process, you can take your vacuum hose to clean around the heater and clear all dust that may be stuck in the air vents throughout your home or office. If you have a thermostat that requires batteries it is a good idea to change them.

By using these simple steps it will ensure that your furnace doesnt work harder than it has to for it to spread the heat throughout your home or business.

If you follow these steps on a regular basis it will help keep your heater and air quality at its best.

Just to help you stay on top of things it is a good idea to have a licensed furnace inspector or HVAC technician come out to inspect your heater for more potentially serious problems that could lead to costly repairs.

Save Thousands On Diy Conservatory Kits

Definitely cheaper than a full scale greenhouse and more space saving, a conservatory makes for a very good investment that will pay for itself over the years. Youll find that a conservatory used as a greenhouse not only helps you minimize expenses on food but in terms of home value - the price of your property can skyrocket should you intend to sell it at some point.

DIY conservatory kits further make the whole process easier for you as you build with a pre-set plan, a good grasp on the materials needed and more.

Kit Inclusions

There are currently several companies offering conservatory kits, each one offering multiple designs using a wide array of materials with the greenhouse purpose in mind. It stands to reason that the kit will include the foundation, roof, walls, flooring, glass, and others necessary to home plants and bask them in abundant sunshine. The question is: what materials exactly are often used? The materials may vary from one kit to another but for the most part, the following will be used:

PVCU one of the most durable and versatile products in the market today, the use of PVCU in your conservatory kit allows for a quick installation without compromising on quality

Aluminum aluminum is often used for the roofing because it manages to provide the kind of temperature plants need when grown inside the greenhouse

Cost of the Kit

You can save as much as £2,000 by using a conservatory kit instead of designing and building one yourself. Saving realizations will come in the form of building the conservatory without any need for any changes or remodeling due to unsuitable designs and materials. No need to worry about lack of sufficient materials youll be provided with everything you need to make sure that the whole process takes only a very short time to accomplish. Take your time in comparing different kits to see which one is most cost-effective.

Design Options

Another plus of conservatory kits is the fact that they come in different styles and designs. Originating from the 16th century at a time when aesthetics was greatly considered youll find that there are various ways of installing this extension that will best fit your home. For example, theres the sun lounge, Victorian, lean-to, Pavilion, P-Shaped, Edwardian, and other contemporary options.

Services Attached with Conservatory Kits

Conservatory kits come with various services depending on the specific needs of the client. Many providers of the product attach different options for the client, including but not limited to the following:

For those who want to do the building themselves, the kit simply contains the blueprint, materials, and instructions on how to properly construct the conservatory. This is best done by individuals who have a good grasp of building structures and can take the job themselves.

For those who have a problem with the tough spots of the building process, you can have the base and roof installed professionally by the same people who provided the kit. This ensures that the measurements of the conservatory is exact, giving you the space and lighting you need.

Of course, if youre not fond of building yourself you can always have the whole kit installed professionally. Some conservatory kit providers throw in the building service for their clients.

Inquire about any services attached with the purchase of a kit especially the after-sales service which may become necessary at some point after installation.

When opting for DIY conservatory kits, its important to consider several factors: the materials, the size, the placement, and the overall design. Remember if you intend to use your conservatory as a greenhouse, you have to make sure that your plants have everything they need. This requires a design that allows sun and air to filter in, thereby allowing your plants to fully benefit from the environment.

What Flowers Do You Think Would Look Best In Your Home Garden?

When it comes to adding flowers to your own personal garden, there are certain mainstay guidelines you should address first. What is native to your area? Native flowers and plants are going to do much better than other plants that you try to add to your garden. You also want to think of how you can best add colour to your garden when it comes to the flowers you choose.

The lay out of your garden is very important when it comes to choosing flowers. Are you working with a smaller space, or do you have about as much space as you can possibly imagine using? Some flowers need their space, like roses for example. Roses are an example of a flower that needs extra care, too.

One of my favorite types of flowers is the hibiscus. These flowers aren't going to make it through freezing temperatures though. That means you definitely have to think about climate when it comes to choosing flowers. You also want to know the differences between perennials and annuals.

When I was younger, one of my mum's favorite flowers to plant was the marigold. I have very fond memories of those marigolds which used to grow at the bottom of our garden. There are different varieties, and they are quite easy to maintain. They are also cheap, and cost can definitely be a factor when you are choosing garden flowers.

Some people like to take a small area and make a wildflower garden. This is a cheap option, and it's also a way to add quite a bit of colour. Think about the wildflower fields you might have seen before. Have you ever seen someone stop the car on the side of the road and take a picture with the wildflowers? They do this quite a bit in Texas with the bluebonnets.

Deep, dark-coloured flowers are always popular, especially blue and purple ones. You should also look for those bright colours, such as oranges and yellows. Some flowering plants will surprise you once they mature and bloom. Speaking of blooming, you also want to pay attention to when the flowers are going to bloom.

If you have a flowerbed that you want to maintain without having to do much, you can plant tulips or something similar. These bulb flowers will continue to come up year after year. Also look at ornamental flowers that you can place among the main flowers and plants that you have in your garden.

Avoid Dengue Fever – Have Retractable Screens Installed

A recent warning issued to people in Queensland is more than enough of a reason for homeowners to have retractable screens installed around the house. The warning was about the possible emergence of Dengue fever which was detected at the Port of Cairns in far north Queensland.

Unfortunately we are inundated with flies in this country but these insects are mostly harmless. Mosquitoes on the other hand can cause diseases, not the least of these Dengue fever – a disease usually found in tropical, developing countries.

Earlier this year, the Asian Tiger mosquito was detected at the Port of Cairns and authorities took this discovery seriously because this little insect is credited with spreading dengue fever, ross river virus and chikungunya. The mosquito is native to the Torres Strait, but this case proves that it can find its way to mainland Australia.

Thankfully there were no reports of this mosquito reaching the main centres of the country, an adult female was identified next to a berth for international vessels in Cairns. It obviously made its way to Australia on one of 3 possible ships that were docked in the port around the time.

At the time authorities issued concerns that thick vegetation around homes in the area would provide an excellent breeding ground for these insects, but as homeowners while we can’t control these insects making their way to Australia, we can control the entry of insects into our homes.

Keeping insects such as possibly dangerous mosquitoes out of your home is not a luxury but a necessity,that means having retractable screens installed wherever necessary.

It’s best to have both windows and doors covered with screens to control the influx of insects into your home.

And don’t think insects are only a concern in summer. Around the year, insects can make their way into your home and pose a threat to your family. Mosquitoes are a particular threat even breeding in cooler climates.

If you want to enjoy your home throughout the year, having Pleated Retractable Screens installed is the best solution.

We’re a leader in retractable screen manufacturer and installation. Our products are of the best quality available in Brisbane and our installers are experts.

The retractable screens available through us are durable and able to withstand even the harshest climatic conditions.

Freedom Screens are experts at providing eco-friendly screens, fitting into discreetly into your home and family while increasing the potential of your home.