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Why Copper Plumbing Is The Answer To Your Plumbing Needs

When it comes to 24 hour plumbing in San Jose, you shouldn't make hasty decisions that will result to some shoddy job because in the end, you will incur more cost than you can imagine. The choice of plumbing material matters a lot because it will determine the end result and prevent you from incurring other additional costs. These costs may be the need for serious repairs or shocking water bills and damages caused by water floods. Another FAQ about plumbing is usually the type of material to be used. Without dwelling much on the debate about which plumbing material is the best, I wish to be specific here in order not to mislead my readers.

Copper plumbing has been used for decades in the plumbing sector and it is widely accepted as the best plumbing material. More than 85% of both commercial and residential buildings have copper piping. It is no wonder that it is also the best for wiring and flashing. This makes the material more important and unbeatable in the market. Copper is well known for its quality and durability and this is what makes it the best plumbing material. It can last more than 70 years after installation and I believe this is what most home owners will be happy about.

Why you should choose copper for your Plumbing needs

Copper is a versatile material. It is suitable for all hot and cold water distribution and has the least problems. If your home has copper piping, be rest assured that this is an area you and most home owners who have the same will forget about. It doesn't sag, bend or break and needs no maintenance costs. it is also approved by engineers as a reliable plumbing alternative that guarantees both health and safety concerns. It is impermeable meaning that there are no risks of contamination and above all it inhibits the breeding of harmful germs. It has the power to withstand extreme weather conditions like freeze thaw and heat whether indoor or outdoor. And lastly, it is also resistant to puncture and abrasion.

Are there other cheaper alternatives?

Yes, but remember cheap is expensive. If your aim is cutting costs, you can try plastic or PEX piping. They are an alternative to copper and are increasingly becoming a household name when it comes to piping since they cost less. However, you should accept that they are inferior alternatives that will make you spend more in the long run. You will also have a myriad of problems that will make you regret the choice you made. Don't be mis-advised by the unconcerned builders, it is you to make that choice.

Important things to consider

First, if you didn't know, the cost of an all-copper plumbing system will cost the same as other cheaper alternatives if you factor in the after-installation and reparation costs. Again, if you wish to sell your home, know that homes with copper plumbing fetch higher prices than other materials. Unlike other plumbing materials, copper tubes and fittings will remain intact in case of tragedies like fire or crumbling. Further, copper can withstand great pressure when subjected to flames and in case it burns, melt or produce toxic fumes in case of house fires. That is why it is also the preferred choice for fire sprinkler systems.


With these facts on your finger tips, you shouldn't be mislead by selfish builders out there. Plumbing is as important as the structure you intend to put up and it should be done once and for all. Choose copper for your home and you will have a stress free life after installation.


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