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Types Of Carpet Cleaning

To help support a carpets durability it will require some maintenance. The maintenance that it receives can extend its life and beauty for years. In most cases, regular and correct carpet cleaning is important to preserve your carpets warranty.

The owner of the home where the carpet is will be the best defense for that carpet to thrive. Vacuuming regularly with a quick response to spills and spots are crucial to your carpet. All spills are easier to deal with when they are fresh. The carpets manufacturer will have a website that you can look on to find the best solutions for different types of stains.

Even the most thorough of cleaners will at some point need a professional carpet cleaner and it is important to know of the two effective types of carpet cleaning: hot water extraction which is steam cleaning and low moisture or dry cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning, involves injecting hot water and detergents into the carpet and then vacuuming out the water, detergent, and soils with a powerful suctioning system. An extraction system can be either portable or mounted on the truck. In the industry it is said that the truck mounted is better because the vacuum is more superior to that of the portable one. 90 percent of the water used during the cleaning process can be recovered when using the truck mounted steam cleaner. Portable units are able to service high rise office buildings and apartments where truck mounted units arent able to go.

Low Moisture

A combination of dry compounds and application are needed to allow for faster drying with a dry carpet cleaning system. Low moisture carpet cleaning is a procedure that allows any fiber to dry to its natural state in two hours or less. 65 percent RH and 70 degrees are the standard criteria variables. This is accomplished by using low moisture to clean, using an absorbent medium, using higher efficiency vacuums that efficiently extract eater from a carpet by increasing the evaporation rate of the carpet by lowering the relative humidity of the environment that you are cleaning. Here are three types of professional processes that fall under dry carpet cleaning methods.

Dry Foam

1. Cleaning foam is sprayed over the carpet and may be brushed or scrubbed in with a machine.

2. Carpet dirt is attracted to the foam.

3. The foam is vacuumed up, carrying the dirt with it.

4. The carpet is dry immediately.

Dry Powder

1. The dry powder is mixed with a small amount of cleaning solution and sprinkled in a layer over the carpet.

2. The mixture is scrubbed in with a stiff brush and allowed to sit in order to absorb the dirt.

3. Dry material is vacuumed up.

4. The carpet is dry immediately.


1. Club soda mixed with a cleaning solution is lightly sprayed on the carpets surface.

2. The surface is then scrubbed with a round, absorbent buffer pad or bonnet.

3. The pad attracts soil and is rinsed or replaced over and over again during the treatment.

4. The carpet requires a short drying time.

The carpet cleaning company will often ask you which you prefer and know you can tell them wisely because you know understand your choices.


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