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The Water Damage Restoration Process

When a home water damage restoration company comes to your home to do a water damage repair, it is going to involve a process that needs to be followed. The first thing that is going to happen is a thorough inspection will take place especially when it comes to the replacement of the walls, the flooring, and the ceilings as well. The water damage restoration process involves the following steps:

The first step: Inspection The professional youve hired is going first to assess the magnitude of the water damage that you are faced with. Once the inspection has been carried out, the professional is going to determine the category and the class of the water damage. By being able to determine the category and class of the water damage, the professional or expert is going to know how best to restore your property or your home. Some of the different classes of water damage include:

i. Class one. This is the type of damage that involves part of a room that has absorbed only a little moisture.

ii. Class 2. This is the type of damage that has infected the entire room and has also absorbed into the walls and the carpets.

iii. Class 3. This is the type of damage that has been absorbed into the walls and has also saturated into most of the area of your house. It may also have been absorbed into your ceiling and is considered to be one of the worst types of water damage.

iv. Class 4. This is damage that may require a special drying process due to the damage that may have occurred to the materials like the stone, the hardwood and the concrete.

* The second step: Removal of water The experts and professionals are going to make use of vacuums and pumps so as to remove all the water that will be in your home. However, you should understand that the type of equipment that is going to be used will highly depend on the magnitude of the water damage.

* The third step: Drying After all the water has been vacuumed and removed, the drying and dehumidification process is now going to begin. The drying step is very important since it is going to ensure that any remaining moisture is going to be cleared after all the water has been removed.

* The fourth step: The cleaning process Once drying is complete, all the personal belongings need to be cleaned as well as sanitized so as to prevent any bacterial or mold growth from taking place.

* The fifth step: The restoration Restoration is going to involve a number of things like replacing some of the materials like your drywall and also insulation. Some cases may involve the installation of a few panels of the drywall while in some serious cases, it may involve the replacement of the entire wall.


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