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Substances That Should Never Go Down The Garbage Disposal Drain

Your house is a valuable possession. However, there are the resilient structure and the vulnerable systems. Your garbage disposal system falls on the latter category. Having known that, it is crucial that you understand what is likely to bring harm to it and keep it off the drains. As they say it, you dont have to learn from experience. You can simply learn from others. Rather than push the garbage disposal track to overloading levels, it should be wise of you to leave certain wastes for the trash bins. You will also keep regular repair costs at bay. Trust you me, having a plumber at your doorstep is not the best thing you want. Here is what you should prohibit for the garbage system.

Cooking oil is also a form of grease. Unlike water, grease will solidify even at room temperatures. The effect of such grease entering the garbage system is clogging as the drains thicken. The internal diameter keep reducing as more grease buildup. You might not feel the effect on the first few days. With time though, things get extreme leaving very little space for the other waste to pass through. Furthermore, your pipes could also get compromised. Plumbers will have a sizeable quote just for drain unclogging service ; something you can easily prevent.

Egg shells

Some people consider egg shells fit for the garbage drain. It could be the case considering that the shells are hard and will rub against the drains cleaning away any stuck dirt. When the egg shells are broken down into smaller particles, the better. However, larger segments will easily attach themselves to the drain sides leading to buildup of waste and eventually leading to clogging. The good news however is that certain DIY measures can help solve the problem.

Potato peels & fruit pits

Different materials will react differently while in the garbage disposal. Some will remain intact as others expand. Potato peels will obviously expand when exposed to water. With time, the peels will then turn into a sticky substance attaching themselves to the drains. If you dont clean the drains regularly, the peels will then harden leading to a clog. Fruit pits are often seen as a mess inside the kitchen. Many see it easy to discard them inside the drain. However, the fruit pits can easily dent, break or crack the disposal blades. You will require to invest money to have the blades repaired. Avocado seeds and grape skins are not to be placed inside there.

Rice and grains

Wet rice can be compared to potato peels. They will turn into a sticky substance once placed in the drains. The substance will then get dense with time leading to clogs. When its a small amount of rice, things will run as usual. It is when the amount exceed threshold that things worsen. Hard grains as well will not be good for the system. Even when they are as small as rice grains or maize grains, they are hard enough to damage the blades.

There are so many items you should never force down the drains. Among them include coffee grounds, medicine, pasta etc.


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