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Pool Fencing Facts

Did you know that one of the leading causes of death amongst children that are younger than five is by drowning? This is a horrific fact and should not be taken lightly. It is essential that you know what the rules are in regards to your pool and keeping your children safe.

There are many fences that are available that are able to keep your family safe from your pool. An aluminum fence is often used because it is up to par with building standards and it meets their particular regulations. The privacy wooden fence is another fence that is great for protecting your family and vinyl fences as well.

A pool is a great add on to any home because it adds to your familys livelihood but it can also be a great danger for those that do not know how to swim. If you plan properly and pay attention to the safety guidelines that tell you about making your pool safe by using fences then this asset will be a lasting and safe addition to your home.

Most governments have come up with standardized codes that were implemented for pool safety and this code is the BOCA or Building Officials and Code Administration International. Here are a few of the key points that are associated with swimming pool fencing:

A pools fence should be at the minimum four feet tall in order to keep children from being able to get into the swimming pool when they are not attended too.

If you want for your swimming pool fence to have vertical and horizontal members then the rails need to be less than forty-five inches. The spacing of the vertical rails should not exceed 1 ¾ so that a childs foot will not be able to fit through and also so that they cannot use the horizontal rails as a ladder. The spacing of the vertical rails should not be more than four inches so that the little children are not able to fit through.

When a pool fence is installed there should not be a distance of four inches between the ground and the bottom of the fence.

The fence should always open out from the pool and should close automatically with a self-catching latch and this latch should be at minimum fifty-four inches up on the gate.

Your home is a part of your swimming pool enclosure and in some locations and proximity there is not enough space to put a fence and in this case some will put a fence just on three sides and the house will serve as the fourth side of fence. If this is your situation and you have doors that lead to the swimming pool then it is important that you make sure that the doors remain locked and unreachable by children that cant swim.

In the event that there is an emergency that is pool related; you want to always have a phone that is nearby, is your child goes missing always make the pool the first place that you check, if you are hosting a party where children are present always make sure that you designate someone to watch to the children and always reinforce the swimming pool rules to all that are going to be in and around the pool.


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