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Pest Control Bed Bug Tips For Home-owners

Finding the perfect house and making it your home is a long process that is very much a labour of love. You fall in love with the house long before you move in with your family and start making memories that will last a lifetime. So, realising that your beloved home has been housing some unwanted guests also known as pests can really be a cause of stress.

Worry not, however, as no matter what the pest is, there is a solution available to you thanks to pest control bed bugs. Whether you are suffering from bedbugs, flies or mice; infiltrated by bats, cockroaches or ants, or even have a problem with pigeons and foxes, their professional pest control team can deal with the problem at hand.

So, just how do you spot the signs of a pest infiltration in your home? We have put together some of the most likely, tell-tale signs for you to be aware of before your small problem spirals out of control.

  • There are so many types of fly that can be enticed by your home. The housefly and fruit fly are the most common. Dirty surfaces and floors, rubbish piling up and dirty, smelly drains are attractive to these kinds of flies. Keep yours clean and tidy to deter flies!
  • Leaving food and drinks out, uncovered on worktops and around your home is a quick and easy way to attracts insects and bugs to your home. This is especially true of sweet, sugary foods, sweets and drinks so please be vigilant to deter the wasps, ants and more
  • Kitchens that have accumulated crumbs and food waste over a few days are a haven for pests looking for food. Keep on top of kitchen cleaning to prevent them from taking over
  • It can be tempting to leave mop buckets outside after mopping the kitchen or let a blocked external drain go unnoticed before its too late. Similarly, in the summer months, leaving standing water in bird baths and even paddling pools can have the same affect. It is important to be aware that standing water can attract mosquitoes, so preventative measures such as citronella and spray repellents can help
  • Some pests like bats - once in your home are unable to leave due to closed windows. Leave a window open overnight close to where you believe the bat to be and the air current should guide them out of your home with ease
  • Keep food stored in air-tight containers to minimise pests getting in and spreading bacteria and germs or attracting them in the first place

Issues with pests in the home can be upsetting but, more often than not, the situation can be remedied with ease. While it may be tempting to tackle pests on your own, it is advisable to let the professionals assess the situation and devise a plan of action accordingly. For all your pest issues, are ideal for in and around London and the surrounding areas.

Make the most of the tips and advice available to you, seek the right help where necessary and above all else, dont let the pests control your home!


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