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How To Move A Piano Across Country

Pianos are heavy, bulky, hard, and sensitive musical instruments. Moving them across a room is already tricky. What more, if you have to move it across the country? Now, that can be a problem.

Without proper knowledge, you can damage the music-making machine, scratch your valuable hardwood floor, or damage your lumbar region. You dont want any of that. So, read this article to learn how you can move your piano across the country or just across the room.

Best Tips for Moving a Piano

Consider its weight The piano is one musical beast. Its not an instrument which you can drag across the room using one hand. It is a heavy upright object supported by delicate legs. You dont want those stands to break making your piano unusable. Wherever the location of the move is, ask other people to help you carry your piano. Multiple heads and hands are the keys to transport such a heavy object carefully.

Prepare for the move Other than needing a team, proper equipment and support are also needed. Invest in durable furniture straps that can ease the load on the piano carrying team.

Do also consider buying a furniture dolly. It helps to move large objects on flat surfaces. Furniture dollies are a good support for heavy and big furniture. Two four-wheeled dollies are best for pianos. Place one on each end to save muscle and to reduce chances of having injuries.

One final thing to consider when moving a piano is the proper attire. You dont need a suit cause you and your team are not going to perform. Sneakers and comfortable clothes are enough protection for the moving activity. Remind yourself and your team to remove accessories such as watches or dangling jewelry. You dont want anyones head or ear to be caught in the piano keys.

Hire a professional moving company This is the last thing to consider when moving a piano from one place to another. The truth is that you can move a piano across a room, but you cannot do that across the country. Therefore, hiring a moving company is the only choice. This step is not as hard as the other two. However, ample research is needed.

Research on different the moving companies. Check their services, pricing, and availability before hiring them. Also, take note of reviews from other consumers if they indeed get the job done carefully and efficiently.

Pianos are expensive and valuable musical instruments. The last thing you want is for your dear piano to get damaged. Thats why careful planning and execution of the moving process is needed. You have to consider its physical weight and the required preparations for the actual move to secure your piano from any harm.


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