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Eco Wood Shutters

The environment is on our conscious now more than ever, and we strive to achieve not just more eco-friendly options, but also energy efficient homes, better insulation, and reduced energy costs.

Eco wood shutters are made using a polymer foam, which is a non-toxic, solid, synthetic material. It's waterproof, which makes Eco Wood shutters the perfect option for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and even for the outdoors.

It is created by using specialized moldings, and pushing polymer foam through them. They have reinforced aluminum blades, with a fully concealed tilt mechanism. Additionally, they are available in 3 blade sizes, as well as in a variety of colors.

Eco wood shutters have plenty of great characteristics, too, as in addition to being waterproof, they are also resistant to chemicals and flame retardant. TheyĆ¢re also excellent thermally, offering dampening properties and sound reduction. They're ideal for external use, as well as internal use.

The likes of plantation shutters have long been a popular and attractive addition to the home. They also add value to the home, and offer a simple way to introduce fresh air, while preventing direct sunlight in to fade carpeting and furnishings. There was a time where people were reluctant to opt for them, with concerns for the environment. Luckily, they are now available in eco wood shutter options.

You can now enjoy the benefits of wooden shutters without worrying about the environment, your conscience can be clear. Eco wood shutters are an excellent choice for any room of the home. They are durable and long lasting, and you can choose from a variety of stains, tones, and colors. You can even opt for an acrylic wrap to make them more durable.

The advantage of eco wood shutters are great, and the major one is the superior insulation that they provide in comparison to other material types used to create shutters. Even when compared to resin based shutters, or even natural wood fibers. When you opt for eco wood plantation shutters you're taking it up a step, as they are resistant to insect damage, as well as being lightweight and moisture resistant. When it comes to weight, this is an important aspect- because lightweight shutters are much easier to install yourself, if you are so inclined.

There are plenty of eco-friendly eco wood shutter options, which combine PVC material and natural wood frames. As people grow increasingly aware of the environment, we will see more eco-friendly options hit the market. You have plenty of options for now, though, with the most popular being the plantation shutter. Which means that you can choose value, while protecting the environment, and ensuring that your home is more comfortable, and well insulated, thus reducing your energy costs.

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