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Double Glazing Existing Windows

Double Glazing Mansfield

Double glazing gives you many benefits but if you cant afford the cost of replacing your existing windows, dont despair. You can actually add double glazing to your existing windows, at a much cheaper cost than you might expect! Heres what you need to know. For more information, see our windows feature.

How to Double Glaze Existing Windows

To double glaze an existing window, all you need to do is to add another layer of glazing. This is done by installing a discreet sub frame on the inside of the window, to which an optical grade acrylic panel is fitted and held in place by continuous channel magnets. The magnets hold the window in place so well that it provides an airtight seal.

Any existing window can be double glazed using this system as the secondary glazing layer is custom fit to each window. This means you can fit odd sized or shaped windows, or windows that may have gone out of square.

You can also double glaze your existing windows by fitting a panel to a separate moulding that is secured inside of your existing window. This works for aluminium windows and timber windows alike.

Benefits of Double Glazing Existing Windows

There are several benefits to fitting double glazing to your existing windows. Firstly, youll greatly increase your homes thermal efficiency as double glazing greatly reduces the amount of heat and cold that can enter or leave your home through the windows. As well as thermal insulation, double glazing also provides with acoustic insulation, and it can actually reduce sound transmission through windows by as much as seventy percent.

Double glazing will also reduce the amount of condensation that forms in your home due to warm inside air meeting cold outside air at the glass. This is because there is an extra layer of glass as well as a buffering air layer between inside and out.

You will also increase security in your home by changing your existing windows to double glazed. This is because the new secondary glazing layer is thicker and harder to break than glass (especially if an acrylic panel is used), and in some cases, the glass is laminated for extra safety.

Another great benefit that you may not have thought of is that the new double glazing on your existing windows actually allows you to easily open your existing windows so that you let fresh air into the home and also clean the window.


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